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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:52 am    Post subject: The very best thing about Mmotank Reply with quote

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Mmotank is not only widely known as trusted trader that sells MapleStory 2 Mesos, actually they're also supplying currencies for various popular online games, including Cheap Maplestory Mesos others and 2. The very best thing about Mmotank that make them outstanding in comparison to others is the fact that they always able to offer clients with the friendliest pricing on the item. Additionally, Mmotank is ensured that any purchase has been made will be processed in fastest possible way to keep everyone satisfied and happy.I find it rather hard to get enough mesos to update my skills (Mastery Books) and Star Force (gear) by simply grinding nowadays.

In case you have, lets say, 9 abilities to update with Mastery Books, you then need 9*3 + 9*5 = 72 million mesos for just Mastery Books. The Golden Temple gives you in the end a choice of a Mastery Book 20 or Mastery Book 30, and Korean Folk Town gives you both a Mastery Book 20 and Mastery Book 30 (equally untradeable though).

Then for the higher degree equipment (lvl 130, 140) you may need how many millions to upgrade the Star Force level. And that can add up quickly above level 7 at which the amount drops on failure. At one point I spent several billions hoping to get a single piece of equipment above Star Force level 13 and gave up after eventually attaining level 13 again. Nowadays I cease in level 10, if I have the mesos, or flat 6 if I don't want to waste too many mesos on getting sufficient Star Force to do the quests.

Before, the old Dragon Park could have a fantastic equipment drop rate, which might be offered for mesos. The new Dragon Park provides only EXP, no drops. And even in the typical maps the gear fall rate seems to be substantially lower.

And, in my estimation. Getting harder to acquire sufficient mesos plays those players selling mesos for cash in the hand, encouraging hacking. I quite often run into characters moving throughout the map, never seeing one meso being lost, but everything else is lost in the place where the character is. The MS2 Mesos are probably farmed right off and everything else is just dropped. It takes no effort on those gamers to collect a great deal of mesos because they simply need to begin their hacking program and the computer does the rest. How else can they offer billions of mesos for cash with the current regular mesos and equipment drop rate than by hacking?
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